Art of the Jackal

In a rapidly changing world jay jackal's work illustrates her way to cope with the enormity of existence in today's context of climate uncertainty.

This is jay jackal’s journey as a solitary human painting “nature’s infinite scream’.

who is jay jackal

Jay Jackal is an anonymous Australian activist artist.

Jackal's artwork first appeared in Byron Bay. She worked alone, stencilling poetic climate phrases on lanes late at night.

For 24 months she has stencilled more than 500 street artworks from Brunswick St to Port Douglas with a ‘catch me if you can’ audacity. As well, she created her ‘cardboard for climate’ trail.

To date, the desired ‘climate dialogue’ outcome hasn’t happened. However, she continues to happily toil away in obscurity, crafting her unusual activist climate art as she travels Australia’s east coast.

activist streetwear

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